Balance and culture

Part of the philosophy of Balance is to engage people in environmental issues by putting them at the centre of culture. Through its ‘Chant’ initiatives, Balance engages people both through art and musical performance.

Chant Art has been described as ‘the beginning of an ecologically sensitive situationist art movement.’ It has already incorporated dramatic events such as the appearance of a crop circle in Hauser & Wirth’s Somerset barley field during the 2015 summer solstice, (naturally formed in the shape of the Chant with Balance app!) Other historic Chant Art moments have ranged from the installation of a ‘Punk Food Forest’ at the Rockaway Park community near Bristol to the bringing of an ancient meteorite fragment into the presence of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Chant Art’s future plans include an exhibition at the Venice Biennale which will incorporate the planting of a ‘Sacred Grove’ at the Gervasuti Foundation, with seeds collected from the last surviving tree from the Battle of Verdun in 1916.

Balance has a band, Chant Live, an ever-changing lineup of extra special guest DJs and musicians, formed of internationally known artists and producers such as Grammy award-winning Youth: Martin Glover (Killing Joke), Martyn Ware (Human League, Heaven 17), Guy Pratt (Pink Floyd), Matt Black (Coldcut), Ned Scott (The Egg).

Chant Live is an experimental band in its own right that loops the voices of the audience live into shows, powerfully showcasing the potential of the Chant with Balance app, to allow fans to become part of a live performance that is “singing trees to life”. Chant Live is supporting Chant with Balance as the test band launching the music app.