Balance in

Simple, fast and credible.

It’s important to note that using Balance is not a substitute for running an environmentally responsible business. We would advise any business to find efficiencies and reduce environmental impact wherever possible. However, most businesses wishing to become genuinely carbon neutral or carbon negative will have to combine efficiency measures with positive actions to ‘balance’ their impact. Balance in Business makes it easy for them to do this with confidence.

Balance in Business is Initially intended for UK-based companies but plans to expand internationally in due course. At this stage the tool cannot account for companies that manufacture outside the UK, or for those with a very high level of international travel. But it enables thousands of companies to take action now and allows their employees, suppliers and customers to see that they are supporting biodiversity and actively working towards solving the climate emergency. To paraphrase Seneca, ‘the antidote to anxiety is action’.

The balance system takes account of all emissions including scope three from the sector for products that are manufactured and sold in country. If a business has significant international travel however we recommend you use our flight calculator.

Chant with

Chant with Balance allows music fans to use their own voices to make a difference. It was developed in conjunction with musician and producer Martin Glover, also known by his stage name ‘Youth.’ The app allows a fan to upload their own voice, which is then mixed into actual tracks or live performances by their favourite artists. At the same time, 20% of the £1.99 purchase price will be used to support Balance’s forest planting and protection programmes. So fans are not only ‘joining the band’, they are in the gig and protecting the climate…literally ‘singing trees to life’.