BALANCE Eco-Foundation

biodiverse forests

The Balance Eco-Foundation charity directly supports biodiverse forest planting and protection. It receives 20% of the revenue from sales of the ground-breaking Chant with Balance music and art app (the remainder of which is largely used to pay music rights holders and artists fairly).

The running costs of the Balance Eco-Foundation are entirely paid by the parent Balance Organisation, so that all the money coming into the Foundation can be used for forest planting and protection. This ensures that anyone using Chant with Balance knows their exact contribution towards protecting life on Earth. The Foundation also pays the direct costs of tree planting wherever possible, so that the absolute maximum from contributions goes directly into climate protection rather than administrative costs.

Balance’s forest programme is carried out in ways that support long-term biodiversity and is fully transparent and verifiable, with exact carbon sequestration amounts attached and the location of planting made visible. The programme is described in more detail on the Balance Organisation website (link below).

Balance Eco-Foundation is registered with the charity commission No 1162529. Its trustees are David Taylor, Craig Sams, and Daniel Morrell.