What is

Balance is a global organisation that makes it easy for people and businesses to ‘balance’ their environmental impact by creating long-term biodiversity and protecting the climate – creating “carbon neutral 2.0”.

Balance uses digital tools and mass communication to generate significant action, turning environmental responsibility from an onerous duty into a rewarding and popular experience.

Balance will become a certified Benefit Corporation (B Corp), balancing profit with people and the planet. Its founders have vast experience in environmental action and a successful track record, with Dan’s previous work in other organisations having led to the planting and protecting of millions of hectares of forest. With deep roots in technology, business, creativity, and music, Balance helps all types of people and organisations to protect the climate and to improve biodiversity in the way that works for them … from an easy carbon calculator for business to a creative music app that lets fans “join” their favourite bands. Although Balance is young it has deep roots, and is expected to attract high-profile endorsement.

What are the
origins of Balance?

The Balance Organisation was founded by Daniel B J  Morrell, backed by a top team of experts. Dan has been a leading environmentalist for over thirty years. He has helped the Rolling Stones and many other icons to grow their own forests and co-coined the term ‘carbon-neutral’, which became ‘word of the year’ and brought climate issues to the heart of the language. He has addressed the UN General Assembly in full session and acted as an advisor on climate at No. 10.

Dan founded Balance to provide a better solution than the existing carbon offsetting model, which was a well-intentioned approach to the problem but has become wholly inadequate over time. Now the crisis has advanced, mere neutrality is no longer enough. Balance goes beyond carbon neutrality and offsetting, with a more proactive, rounded, and long-term approach which supports biodiversity as well as soaking up carbon.