Balance and Biodiversity

Carbon Neutral 2.0

At the heart of Balance is a commitment to responsible forest planting and protection that supports biodiversity. This is what we call Carbon Neutral 2.0 – not carbon offsetting, but a successor to it that eradicates its various drawbacks and adds a deep commitment to biodiversity. Every Balance product supports biodiverse forest planting and protection.

Biodiversity is a nature-based solution that matters deeply to the future of life on Earth. It is not a luxury. Plants, animals and fungi do not exist in isolation, but in complex and connected ecosystems, which form the foundations of human life too. A healthy ecosystem carries out a number of vital roles – not just preserving the climate, but also cleaning water, maintaining soil, purifying air, and recycling nutrients. A biodiverse ecosystem is also resilient and good insurance against unforeseen environmental events resulting from climate change. But when one part is lost, the whole system is threatened, and we are losing biodiversity at unprecedented rates around the world, with thousands of species facing extinction every year.

It is vital therefore, that tree planting occurs in a sustainably biodiverse way – not just trees, but the right trees in the right place in the right way with the right protection. A true commitment to biodiversity means not only hitting a number, but encouraging the symbiotic chains on which nature depends, such as leaving dead wood for bugs that can in turn be enjoyed by woodpeckers. When this happens, we are truly protecting our futures, not just hoping for the best. Balance also supports natural regeneration and rewilding projects which can help with this process.